Tradition and Heritage

When working in the Cork countryside we are conscious of building in a style that is respectful of our architectural heritage. We create homes that are modern and comfortable and relate well to their surroundings.


Modern designs that exhibit innovation and flair are often more successful when they display traits that are familiar to the Cork countryside. These traits can often be subtle in nature, but the overall effect on the appearance of a home, can be dramatic when they are combined together.

Some of the characteristics we focus on are:

  • Proportion. The proportion of the windows and doors and their relationship with the rest of the building is critical to the success of a design. Small changes, generally to place a more vertical emphasis on openings along with the use of heavier sills can give  homes a defining character.
  • The roof line and the scale and location of chimneys. Keeping the gables of the roof neat, and avoiding the use of heavy facia and sofit gives a much more elegant appearance. Chimney's that are centered on the ridge and are substantial in size, give a roof a more solid appearance and help to give a home a timeless quality which sits well in the countryside.
  • Quality materials. There is no doubt, that over time investing in good quality materials pays dividends and adds to the appearance of a home. Visually a home should improve over a time as it "beds in" to its surroundings. Unfortunately where poor materials are chosen, which degrade and fade over time this is often not the case. We work only with quality materials, that have been proven to last and stand the test of time.
  • Workmanship is that hard to define characteristic which sets a building apart. In most cases our tradesmen are second and third generation of a family where a trade has been passed down. We work with the same people year in year out and it is this consistency, which guarantees a standard that we are proud of and that directly impacts on the quality and appearance of the finished product.

Our aim is to build homes with a low energy demand, ensuring consistently low running costs




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